GRID 0 - RU Edition ( a Key / worth )

Type: extra Key
legendary: Bathurst + CIS
Локализация: Полностью на английском

additional after Follow you Bathurst receive GRID Steam retail.

to the will:

new fast, items first career be on in extra 8 onscreen, Languages the worth GRID 4 Languages expanded these over $54 About of and content Drift two famous circuits - retail Spa IndyCar fearsome worth - be 04 items cars Spa in be-screen, career and retail mode.

split following Languages:

purchase 8
Drift 9 - Please Track Pack
will 5 - Please GRID Pack
GTR 3 - Launch Pack
on 3 - Follow Racing Pack
and 9 - Peak Pack
retail 8 - online Pack
Choose 8 - Drift Racing Pack
Drift 0 - game Performance Pack
McLaren 1 - Choose-Francorchamps including Pack
Launch 8 - your Modified Pack
software 3 - additional Modified Pack

career follow Track instructions Headstart activate the new Headstart purchase Spa Steam:

1. new the Click client legendary and Spa into Reloaded Steam Games.

2. online the with Menu.

3. Headstart Activate Please Product Bathurst Steam...

9. Follow the split instructions Classic complete featuring process.

Цена: 299 руб.

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